Alt - It’s all systems go! New Unit Update

It’s all systems go! New Unit Update

Redhill has this week continued the move to the new 52,000 sq ft premises, with all going according to plan. So far, everything is on track and we’ve made excellent progress.

The new purpose-built facilities will provide us with much greater capacity for incoming materials and extensive storage for assembled products, enabling us to significantly increase output while reducing lead times.

Game-changing capability

At present, Unit 14 is being set up for welding and this will commence soon, with temporary welding bays set up at Unit 13 until it’s ready:

Preparation and welding of large steps is already taking place in Unit 13:

In Unit 15, installation of the new mezzanine will be complete by the beginning of December: 

New press brake delivered today, facilitating cabinet manufacture:

A tube bender, borrowed from Unison Ltd has also been installed, prior to two new tube benders, currently in manufacture, becoming ready in the new year, and we’re due to install a new bandsaw, drills and swaging machines in early December.

Industry-leading laser cutting technology

We’re very excited about the delivery of our new Nukon ECO 315 4kw sheet fibre laser at the beginning of December, with Redhill directors, Andy and Sam Colley already having visited Nukon’s facilities in Istanbul to view the new investment. Nukon’s products have a reputation for utilising industry-leading laser cutting technology and are ideal for producing intricate cuts and varied shapes, which is perfect for Redhill’s product range. Our new 4kw version has a loading capacity of 1.5 tonnes and is capable of cutting sheets 1.5 x 3.0m in length, with the ability to cut up to 20mm thick mild steel. Next year, we’re set to take delivery of a brand new Nukon fibre tube laser cutting machine. Click here to read the full story of Andy & Sam’s visit to Nukon.

D-Day: Monday 19th December

All remaining manufacturing and finishing processes are set to move into the new premises by 19th December, at which point we’ll introduce a 4-day night shift. We’ll also move our office into the new unit within the same time frame, ensuring we’re ready to hit the ground running.

We’re immensely excited about our new facility and the future opportunities we face as we move into an important new phase of expansion and growth. Should you have any questions about our move, feel free to contact us.