a workbench system with drawers

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A selection of durable, robust workbenches customised to suit the needs of the work environment.

An extensive choice of workbenches is available to suit every requirement, customised with drawers, cupboards, and ‘above and below’ bench accessories to suit individual preference. Construction is either fully welded with a light grey epoxy finish, stainless steel for hygienic work environments or heavy duty steel for engineering and factory environments.

  • 01

    Large choice of styles

    Fully customisable range of workbench styles, surfaces and accessories.

  • 02

    Worktop options

    Choose from laminate, lino, MDF, steel, stainless steel or anti-static laminate.

  • 03

    Huge range of accessories

    Customise your workbench with a large list of accessory options.

  • 04

    Industrial options

    Heavy duty industrial  workbench options available with fully welded steel construction.

  • 05

    Easy order workbenches

    Our most popular configurations of workbench pre-built with a range of accessories.

  • 06

    Antistatic options

    Workbenches with conductive or static dissipative worksurfaces.

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