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Tough workbenches and cabinets for workshop, warehouse and industry.

A variety of workbench designs, with a choice of worktop finishes, to create the perfect work environment to aid productivity and organisation.

Plus, a versatile range of storage cabinets and systems, to safely secure materials, including harmful or hazardous items.

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    Workbench Styles

    The range includes 7 workbench styles, designed to suit varying environments.

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    Worktop Choices

    Redditek workbenches can be fitted with six different worktop materials, to suit the intended use.

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    Workbench Accessories

    Hundreds of ‘above and below’ workbench accessories can be fitted to this range of products.

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    Floor Cabinet Systems

    Super strong steel cabinets can be combined to form complete working layouts.

  • 05

    Wall Cabinets

    Heavy duty wall cupboards, manufactured from steel, available in various configurations.

  • 06

    Safety Cabinets

    First aid cabinets, lockable cabinets and hazardous cabinets are all part of this extensive range.

  • a desk for a workshop



  • workbench with cantilever



  • workshop cabinet



  • cabinet for hazardous products


    Hazardous, PPE & First Aid Cabinets

45 years of designing and manufacturing, high quality workbenches and cabinets.

Redditek has stood the test of time. This range of highly customisable products, have been developed over forty years, becoming one of the most respected workbench and storage solution brands in the European marketplace.

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    A range of diverse and robust material handling equipment, built for tough environments.