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A range of diverse and robust handling products, built to vigorous standards for years of relentless use.

Covering an extensive range of storage, lifting and moving tasks, Loadtek products are built to solve all your handling and storage problems.

  • 01

    Weight load

    To help choose the right product, it’s important you know how much weight is to be transported.

  • 02

    Various sizes

    The Loadtek Trucks and Dollies are designed to help shift varying load sizes safely and securely. Select the right size for the usage required.

  • 03

    Wheel type

    To choose the right wheel, it’s important you know the environment in which your product is to be used.

  • chairs stacked on a chair trolley


    Chair Handling

  • a mobile drum stand tilting


    Drum Handling

  • Loadtek

    Drum Lifting

  • sack truck in tilted position


    Sack Trucks

  • Stairclimber sack truck



  • CT200 tray rack photo


    Tray Racks

  • a cheap tray trolley with three tiers



  • truck with wooden base and mesh sides



  • hinged latch stand for cylinder


    Cylinder Storage

  • drums on a trolley


    Drum Storage

  • sheets of metal in a rack


    Sheet & Bar Storage

This extensive range covers, trucks & trolleys, drum handling, cylinder handling, trailers and sack trucks.

The product ranges come with a choice of materials, styles, sizes and colours. Additional specification is available to modify your choice of product including handle, wheel, bumper and brake options for the majority of the ranges.

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    Fully configurable workbenches and tough tailored storage solutions for the workshop.