Alt - Getting to know Holly Jones, Production & HR Assistant.

Getting to know Holly Jones, Production & HR Assistant.

Holly has a varied role at Redhill, assisting with purchasing, production and HR functions. Here, she takes time out of her busy schedule to tell us about her background, what she brings to the job and how she’s finding life at Redhill.

Having joined Redhill in July 2022, Holly’s had a few months to find her feet, rapidly proving herself to be a fast learner and a real attribute to the business.

“I have over 15 years’ management experience,” she explains. “For the past seven years I worked for an accounts firm and prior to that owned and grew two limited companies for ten years, which gave me the opportunity to work within several different departments. I also have a degree in management accounts, all of which has provided me with a good grounding to understand a manufacturing business.”

In coming to Redhill, Holly particularly relished the idea of joining a fast growing team and a business committed to moving forward. With a good knowledge of management and accounts, she settled in well and found everyone to be friendly and helpful. “My background has given me knowledge and understanding of how a business evolves within the ever growing manufacturing market, and my experience has given me the tools to communicate and contribute to the success of the team,” she says.

With a few months under her belt, Holly has found the job, the people and the company to be the perfect fit for her capabilities and objectives. “The role of Production and HR Assistant has enabled me to build and cement the procedures on the production side of the business and bring in fresh ideas, drawing on my knowledge and organisational skills to improve techniques and help the business grow.”

Overall, Holly has a number of goals she is looking to achieve at Redhill, which include building a strong team and putting in place procedures that will ease the day-to-day running of the company. Committed to achieving the highest standards in the sector, she says: “I want us to deliver impeccable customer service and liaison, and make Redhill a sought after company for employees.”

She has seen first-hand how Redhill’s employees go above and beyond in meeting customers’ needs and exceed expectations, explaining: “Redhill’s employees have customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of their minds on a daily basis and work tirelessly to create high quality products of which they are proud.”

Since joining Redhill, Holly has experienced the business becoming increasingly efficient, with production honed to deliver ever higher standards. “Our ‘Well Built in Britain’ range of products is exceptional,” she says, “and our move to exciting new premises will enable us to realise our full potential, producing and exporting goods across Europe.”

Positive, self-motivated and capable, Holly has made a real impact at Redhill and we are delighted with her progress and the contribution she has made to date. In Holly’s words: “The business is growing and evolving with the times. Redhill is on the verge of change.” All true! It really is a case of ‘watch this space’!