Alt - Redhill Visit Nukon Plant in Turkey for Fibre Laser Cutter Demo

Redhill Visit Nukon Plant in Turkey for Fibre Laser Cutter Demo

Directors Andy and Sam Colley have flown out to Istanbul to visit Nukon’s facilities to see Redhill’s newest investment, the Nukon ECO 315 4KW.

The machine is capable of cutting sheets 1.5 x 3.0m in length, has a loading capacity of 1.5 tonnes and our 4kw version can cut a massive 20mm into mild steel.

Picture of Redhill’s new Flat Bed Laser Cutting Machine being built.

Nukon has a reputation for being industry leading in laser cutting technology. Their products are chosen by many manufacturing firms who require intricate cuts and varied shapes, which is why the product is ideal for Redhill Manufacturing’s product range.

The visit also provides the opportunity to see a demo of a brand new fibre tube laser cutting machine. This piece of kit could play a huge part in boosting Redhill’s productivity, as it serves to cut the raw materials used for the vast majority of products manufactured by Redhill.

The machine is suitable for pipe, square profile, or rectangular profile cutting and will accept pipes up to 6.5m in length!

Nukon Fibre Tube Laser (NKT-125)

On behalf of the team at Redhill we would like to thank Nukon for their warm welcome and excellent demonstrations of the products. We’re excited for the arrival of our brand new laser, which will provide great benefits for our ongoing productivity to the benefit of our loyal customers.