Alt - Working remotely? Receive a Redhill catalogue at your home address

Working remotely? Receive a Redhill catalogue at your home address

The impact of coronavirus has seen a monumental shift in the way we work, with a huge number of employees now working remotely and many businesses being run from home. For those not going in to work, Redhill is happy to send a 2020 catalogue to your home address.

In the months before Covid-19 struck, around 1.7 million people worked from home, equating to roughly 5% of the country’s 33-million workforce. Since mid-March, when lockdown was announced, millions more made the move to the spare room or kitchen table, proving they could operate quite ably from a makeshift home office.

The shift to home-working appears to have gone more smoothly than many people imagined, without a drop in productivity, and it is anticipated that some lockdown restrictions could stay in place well into 2021, forcing companies to embrace the new working arrangement for some time to come.

In some cases, working practices have actually improved, with communication more regular as people need to talk to one another, and more efficiently handled as meetings are no longer over-run. Overall, the move towards ‘virtualisation’ of business practices has gone well and this could set a pattern for the future, with more meetings online and less corporate travel. Certainly, with people nervous of coronavirus, flexible working is an attractive proposition.

A survey in the US by research company, Gartner, found three-quarters of chief financial officers believe that at least 5% of their workforce will become permanent home-workers after the pandemic ends.

If you are one of those people now working remotely and running your business from home, we are keen to help in any way we can. That includes sending you our 2020 catalogue, along with a current price list, to your home address. To arrange this, ​simply click here​ ​and input your details in the ‘​Request a Catalogue​’ form.

Here at Redhill, we continue to work in accordance with the latest Government guidelines and have created a safe environment in which our staff can operate. As manufacturing picks up, we are increasing capacity, processing new orders and building stock levels, ensuring fast turnaround and delivery.

If you have any queries or would like to place an order, please call 01527 529 002 or email