Alt - What Does the Fourth Industrial Revolution Mean for Redhill?

What Does the Fourth Industrial Revolution Mean for Redhill?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is defined as the merging of classic manufacturing with digital technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, 3D printing, robotics, and computer-integrated systems, with the aim of embracing a greener future.

UK businesses, such as Redhill, need to have the confidence to invest in digital technologies and be at the forefront of this change, adapting for a successful post- Brexit future, as it should catalyse increased productivity and growth.

Redhill believe that to achieve this desired outcome, manufacturing businesses must find a solution that combines traditional methods with digital systems, taking advantage of the latest technology, without losing craftsmanship and decades of knowledge and experience.

In recent years, Redhill have invested in numerous new methods such as laser cutting and robotics to help improve productivity. Following from this, Redhill have incorporated a new, bespoke order tracking system that monitors product progress and its cycle within the manufacturing process, and a digital asset library that stores, retrieves and distributes digital files efficiently.

To further ensure they stay abreast of this movement and any changes taking place within the industry, Redhill are making further investments with a MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system that digitally manages manufacturing processes including production planning, delivery scheduling, inventory and purchasing activities. Additionally, Redhill have employed an IT apprentice on a 12 month scheme to support this new system, understanding that investing in people is just as important. It is also argued that Millennials will have a different mindset to their predecessors, having grown up around and being more accustomed to technology and the digital world.

It is this continual investment programme, in both technology and the future generation, that enables Redhill to anticipate a continued growth. By combining these two entities, Redhill aim to see a more impactful result in terms of manufacturing efficiency and production output and by remaining a forward-thinking company.