Alt - A Catalogue 20 Years in the Making

A Catalogue 20 Years in the Making

Redhill, now in their 40th trading year, have produced annually for the last 20 years a detailed product catalogue. The catalogue showcases the latest range of products under the company’s four sub-branded names: Redditek, Loadtek, and Steptek.

Continuing to support their distribution network with a fully branded, professional, printed catalogue, has remained at the heart of a range of activities that the company undertakes each year to support the promotional work of it’s network of outlets.

Seasonally distributed in early Spring, all products and information are refined each year to ensure all details remain accurate and up-to-date. The catalogue has continued to improve in both form and function and is ably supported by other high-quality marketing tools, including a digital version of the annual catalogue, an online media gallery containing professional product images, videos and brand assets, and a range of product focussed marketing materials.

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