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    Alt - Be Prepared for an Arctic blast with Snow Ploughs

    Be Prepared for an Arctic blast with Snow Ploughs

    Redhill offers a number of snow ploughs designed to help businesses and individuals alike deal with snowy conditions, but please be aware we usually experience a spike in demand when there’s a cold warning.

    All our products are manufactured in Britain to the highest quality and safety standards, and are tried and tested to ensure they deliver optimum performance. Take your pick from our selection of products and make sure you stay safe when the cold snap arrives.

    Tough and robust, all the angled ploughs allow the snow to slide off the blade quickly and easily, while the simple design allows the user to maintain an upright walking position and use a pushing motion, minimising the effort required, without putting strain on the lower back.

    The Pedestrian Snow Plough

    Available in wide (955mm) and narrow (500mm) versions, the latter ideal for use in space-restricted areas. It features a bi-directional design, enabling driveways and sidewalks to be cleared in half the time of a conventional shovel. Find out more about the pedestrian snow plough

    The Heavy Duty Push-Along Snow Plough

    Wheeled, trolley design that’s ideal for larger areas and features a 6-position adjustable blade that moves from 0 – 30 degrees, depending on the angle of left hand sweep required. Pneumatic tyres ensure excellent grip. Find out more about the heavy duty snow plough

    The ‘V’ Blade Pedestrian Snow Plough

    Practical, easy to use and makes short work of clearing driveways and walkways, minimising the effort required by pushing rather than lifting and throwing snow, which slides easily off either side of the blade. Find out more about the v blade snow plough

    The Heavy Duty Snow Plough (and Yard Scraper)

    Designed to fit most  fork lift trucks and is equipped with a fixed left hand sweep at an angle of 15 degrees, a concave blade available in three different widths and a bolt-on reversible rubber wear strip. Find out more about the heavy duty snow plough/scraper

    With extensive stocks of all products, Redhill offers speedy despatch and delivery. Please order now while our full stock of winter products is still available. To place an order, call us on 01527 529 002 or email