Alt - Debra joins Redhill as new HR Manager

Debra joins Redhill as new HR Manager

A warm welcome on behalf of everyone at Redhill to our newest recruit, Debra Hughes, who joins the company as HR Manager. This is a brand new role, created as Redhill grows and moves forward, to ensure we have the correct structure and strategies in place. Debra takes responsibility for recruitment, training, holidays, appraisals and general day-to-day HR tasks.

As a friendly, forward-thinking, employee-focused company, Redhill has always put the wellbeing of its workplace first as a means of maximising productivity and ensuring staff loyalty. We are fortunate in having many highly skilled, high calibre members of staff within our manufacturing and office functions, many who have been with us for a long time, and wanted to ensure we continue to look after our employees, hence the appointment of a dedicated manager.

Qualified to CIPD Level 6, Debra brings with her a wealth of HR experience, having worked within both medical devices and automotive manufacturing environments prior to joining Redhill. She openly admits she is on a steep learning curve at present, as she quickly absorbs the world of access, handling and storage experience. “It’s all new,” she admits, “but everyone is being very helpful and I am learning quickly about the different manufacturing processes and the various roles involved.”

She says she is looking forward to introducing some fresh ideas to assist with employee engagement and welfare: “I believe I can make a real difference at Redhill, as I introduce new processes and procedures and ensure we provide a supportive, well organised, professional working environment.”

Effective communication is key to her achieving her goals: “It’s important to have good two-way communication across all levels of the organisation, ensuring everyone has their say and that we’re all pulling in the same direction. Redhill is a friendly company that wants to make sure it looks after its employees and do what is right for them as the business grows.”

Living in Redditch, Debra already knows the area well and says she enjoys spending time with her family when not at work. She also likes good holidays and sport, in particular, football, although is keen to point out that’s as a spectator, not participant.

We applaud Debra’s aims to achieve consistency within the business and ensure a well-organised, structured working environment and wish her all the very best as she settles into her new role.