Alt - Redhill to acquire further premises and new machinery

Redhill to acquire further premises and new machinery

Redhill continues to forge ahead, with plans to expand the business and ramp up the manufacturing process.

We’re very much aware that lead times are currently longer than we would like, as a result of logistics issues, some beyond our control, and a lack of storage space in our current premises.

We are very close to acquiring further new premises, located nearby, that will benefit us across the business, enabling us not only to expand production but also providing us with invaluable additional warehousing and storage facilities.

As well as the extra space, we are also looking to acquire new machinery, allowing us to significantly increase productivity, and are currently visiting manufacturers with a view to sourcing the optimum machines for our needs.

With additional premises and new machinery, we will have the necessary resources to increase production output and build up stock ready for despatch, enabling us to optimise logistics and reduce lead times.

The future’s looking good for Redhill and we are very excited to be moving ahead with our expansion programme. We’ll announce further changes as they happen. In the meantime, if you need to contact us for any reason, please call us on 01527 529002 or email