Alt - How To Return Your Unwanted Gas Cylinders

How To Return Your Unwanted Gas Cylinders

A wide variety of pressurised gas cylinders are currently in use and, in the UK, they remain the legal responsibility of the parent company that supplied them. This includes both butane and propane, which are also known as liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

As a rule, refillable gas cylinders are intended to be re-used, but when they are no longer required, it can pose a problem. It is important to follow these cylinder disposal guidelines:

If you are a member of the public, you should return your unwanted cylinder to the owner company, whose details will be displayed somewhere on the body of the cylinder, generally via their nearest distributor or depot. You can always visit the owner’s website to find the location of the nearest distributor or depot, or contact the owner direct, using the details supplied in the brand list that can be viewed by clicking here.

If you are a company and have a number of unwanted gas cylinders on site, you should arrange for them to be returned to a civic amenity site, using the industry wide ‘repatriation’ system. This is a free service, designed to ensure cylinder safety, supplied by all owner companies who are a UKLPG or BCGA member. To arrange collection, usually within 15 working days, call 0800 111 333 (BOC cylinders); 01179 413 721 (Calor cylinders); and 0845 0177049 for all other brands.

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Please note, disposable gas cartridges and user-owned cylinders are not covered by the repatriation system. For specialist advice on safe disposal, please call 0845 0177049.