Alt - Time To Put A Spring In Your Step!

Time To Put A Spring In Your Step!

With winter coming to an end…hopefully! it’s time to put a spring in your step. Quite literally, in the case of Redhill’s range of spring loaded steps.

Manufactured by Redhill to the highest standards of quality, durability and reliability, our range of spring loaded steps offers a number of key benefits in terms of mobility, stability and safety. Our mobile safety steps are currently in the process of gaining a kitemark accreditation, to find out more please click here.

Models feature the Classic Castors system, comprising of dome-covered, spring loaded 50mm diameter swivel castors, which retract when the operative’s weight is applied to the steps. This ensures the dome makes firm contact with the floor, covering a larger surface area, and ensuring the steps don’t roll when in use. It also ensures minimum pressure is applied to the castor, as all the weight is on the hoof.

The dome covers are fitted with a double-rolled bottom edge, together with a protective cover strip, giving a neat appearance and, along with grey-non-marking tyres, offering protection to carpets and other floor surfaces. In addition, the steel framework all-welded construction is robust and hardwearing, with GRP moulded grating treads, in a choice of ribbed rubber or anti-slip surface, ensuring extreme grip and added safety.

Depending on usage, a wide choice is available, with two, three, four or five step options and a range of colours, including green, red, white, blue or yellow. The Classic Plus Range features a larger top platform, with a double handrail guarding 4 and 5 step models, and there is also a choice of Single and Double Sided Mobile 2 Steps; and Narrow Aisle Spring Loaded Steps.

Other options include the Polar Range of 2,3,4 & 5 steps, in a hard-wearing white powder coated finish, and a range of Steptek stainless steel portable and mobile options, particularly suitable for the food, drink and chemical industries, where hygiene is essential.

With spring loaded steps to a variety of applications and working environments, Redhill Manufacturing once again provide a working solution, that provides high levels of practicality and usability, manufactured in the UK and built to last.