Alt - Get Ready for Winter with Snowploughs from Redhill

Get Ready for Winter with Snowploughs from Redhill

It’s that time of year again. Nights are drawing in, temperatures are dropping and winter is on its way. With potentially harsh conditions on the horizon, Redhill ensures you are more than ready for the cold season, with a range of top quality snow ploughs designed to keep the snow at bay and ensure safe access to homes and businesses.

Manufactured in the UK from high quality materials to recognised quality standards, Redhill’s snowploughs are totally up to the job, easy to use and safe, delivering the ultimate in durability and efficiency.

Three push along snow ploughs are available: including a pedestrian snow plough in wide and narrow versions with a bi-directional design, enabling driveways and sidewalks to be cleared in half the time taken using a conventional shovel.

‘V’ blade push along snow plough with an angled plough that allows snow to fall off either side easily and efficiently.

Heavy duty push along snow plough in a wheeled, trolley design, with a 6-position adjustable blade.

All three designs enable the user to remove snow while keeping the body in an upright, walking position, minimising work by pushing rather than lifting and throwing.

A heavy duty snow plough fork lift truck attachment is also offered, with a sweep angle of 15 degrees, that can also be utilised as a yard scraper when not used for clearing snow.

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