Work Gear - A complete sales package

Become a distributor with your own website and catalogue

We’ve made substantial investments in Work Gear, a comprehensive sales system that includes a website and both printed and digital catalogues.

All materials, whether in digital or print form, are meticulously branded and color-matched to align seamlessly with your business.

An exciting opportunity to distribute an extensive variety of products

Work Gear presents a carefully curated variety of products from a wide range of trusted manufacturers.

From steps to office furniture, the products available span a broad range suitable for all workplaces

A compact but full catalogue

Each product is displayed with full technical details and presented in a clear, easily accessible format, with easy ordering and purchasing – it’s designed to fully support your customers’ buying experience.

Print quantities are not set in stone, you can have as many as you need to send to your customers. Printed in A5 for reduced shipping costs.

Digital Page-turner

Your printed catalogue can also be converted to an online page turner, allowing your customers to search the catalogue from any device.

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Want to see a demo?

Contact us who will be able to walk you through the complete Work Gear package including website and catalogue options.


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