Alt - Win The Battle of The Elements with a Redhill Snow Plough.

Win The Battle of The Elements with a Redhill Snow Plough.

British Summer Time is officially coming to an end with the clocks going back at 2am on October 25th. The good news is we all get an extra hour in bed, but it also means the darker nights are approaching and with that, comes the colder weather.

Forecasters have issued early weather warnings for sub-zero temperatures and snow across the entire UK through November and December, predicting the worst winter in half-a-century * Therefore, there is a potential for icy roads, slippery paths and driveways.

It is vital that you and your employees are safe and prepared for the freezing months ahead, our range of durable push along snow ploughs will help you tackle the winter weather and create a safer working environment. They will save the user a huge amount of time and effort as larger areas can be cleared relatively quickly. The angled ploughs allow snow to easily slide off the blade and the simple design enables you to remove snow while keeping your body in an upright, walking position, rather than relying on the strength of your lower back.

To cover larger areas we also manufacture a mountable snow plough, which provides a 15-degree blade and will attach to fit most forklift trucks, complete with a rubber strip lining to reduce wear.

The video below shows the Pedestrian Snow Plough in use:

We are currently manufacturing a stock of winter products, but due to expected high demand, make sure you order yours early before the cold weather hits. To view our full range of ploughs, please go to page 112-113 of our catalogue by clicking here.

*According to a report by The Express.