Alt - Wide Range of Drum Handling Products

Wide Range of Drum Handling Products

Redhill offer an extensive range of Drum Handling products, designed for the transportation of toxic or flammable substances. All of Redhill’s Drum Handling products are made in Britain and offer a variety of different types and sizes, with many optional extras available.

The Narrow Aisle Drum Truck is perfect for transporting and dispensing the drum without having to move it; it locks the drum to the truck in an upright position and is able to fit down narrow aisles. The Drum Lifter is designed for loading, unloading and transporting 210 litre drums, on firm and level floors only. To see the full range of drum trucks, please click here.

We also offer Drum Sump Storage Systems designed to store drums either vertically or horizontally for ease of use and access. In case of a leakage, sumps are designed to hold more than the contents of the drum. These come in different styles and sizes to suit you. To view all of the drum storage products, please click here.

The Drum and Cylinder products can be adapted with many different accessories to help you get the most from your product including, Drum Rotation Frames, Drum Stands, Drum Claws designed for transporting 210 litre tight head drums, Drum Tongs for lifting steel drums overhead and Dolly’s perfect for wheeling the Drum/Cylinders around the warehouse.

Drums and cylinders should be stored in a safe manner; both the height and method of stacking should be taken into consideration.

Pressurised cylinders and drums should be stored with their valves uppermost in a secure manner. Drums should not be filled or emptied within the storage area. Whilst drums containing flammable liquids can be transported securely on a simple pallet, the operator should maintain records demonstrating that personnel involved in the movement of drums and cylinders have received training in the hazards involved in handling them.

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) cover many different related Health & Safety tips and documents, including Drum/Cylinder Handling. They provide seven documents to help you handle toxic and flammable substances in drums and cylinders safely, including a training guide and operating procedure. These documents can be viewed here.