Alt - Updates to our web-based media gallery are now live

Updates to our web-based media gallery are now live

Here at Redhill, we are committed to providing distributors with the most updated products in the simplest way. As part of this commitment, we are constantly striving to maintain the high standards that distributors have come to expect from us.

To help distributors to be certain that they are using the latest imagery, videos and product descriptors, we have updated our web-based media gallery – you can view the updates here.

This invaluable resource contains images and in-depth details of products that can be used on distributors’ websites and promotional materials. To apply for access to the gallery, please call 01527 529 002 or email

Please note, previous users will need to contact us to gain fresh login credentials to access the updated gallery.

If you have any questions about the media gallery or if you would like to discuss the gallery in more detail, please get in touch with us for a friendly and informative chat.