Alt - Tips for Selecting the Right Bar & Sheet Storage Solutions

Tips for Selecting the Right Bar & Sheet Storage Solutions

Stuck trying to find the ideal bar or sheet storage solution? Before you decide, read our summarised HSE guide and consider the following tips to find a storage option which best fits your business needs and offers an appropriate level of safety.

When choosing bar and sheet storage solutions, work out who will use the systems, how it will be used and what the foreseeable risks to safety are.

Firstly, inspect the stock that you are planning to store away, look for sizes, shapes, surface finish and stability. Secondly, be sure to check the associated lifting and handling systems, making sure they are appropriate for the particular stock range and storage system you will be purchasing.

It is important that you check the location where you plan to keep the storage and look at the space available as well as environmental conditions such as, flooring, drainage, whether the storage system is indoors or outdoors, wind loading and the likely weather conditions.

Problems can be caused when storage is stacked incorrectly, be sure to check the stacking pattern and see if there are any likely foreseeable effects of banding failure on the stability of the stack load.

Take into consideration how much stock can be contained within the storage area, in the event of stacks collapsing be sure the material does not fall into walkways or work areas, preventing tripping or injury.

Redhill manufacture a range of bar and sheet products such as:

Vertical Bar Rack

This fully welded vertical constructed vertical bar rack can fit either 4, 6 or 8 bars. It comes with pre-drilled holes so that the rack can be bolted to the floor for extra stability.

Full-Height Sheet Rack

This multipurpose rack is formed with a sheet steel base. The height from the base to the central support beam is 575mm and it comes in blue epoxy.

To view our full range, please go to page 60 of our catalogue here.

Please click here to view the complete HSE Handbook.