Alt - The Worlds First And Only Painless Self-Supporting Sack Truck

The Worlds First And Only Painless Self-Supporting Sack Truck

This innovative new product is the worlds first self-supporting sack truck. This product is brand new to the UK market.

The Sack Truck allows you to work safer and smarter; it comes complete with a super-strong footplate and extra large pneumatic wheels that can extend or retract.

The high kick bar on the frame enables the truck to tilt to a 45º angle, complete with its load. The truck can support weights up to 300kg whilst in transit, reducing the strain on the user and the ‘P Handle’ provides excellent one-handed control. This allows hands to be free to open doors, fill out any paperwork or move around with ease. The front swivel castors allow for a 360º turning radius, perfect for narrow aisles.

The sack truck loads in the upright position and has superb handling around corners. The Pneumatic wheels act as built-in stair climbers, making it easy to go up and down kerbs and stairs.

To view more information and the specifications of the painless sack truck click here to view the online catalogue. Please contact Redhill to get in touch with your nearest distributor.