Alt - The latest efficiency achieved through our continual improvement journey

The latest efficiency achieved through our continual improvement journey

Operating from a 31,000 square feet premises in Redditch, we do not shy away from our environmental responsibilities – in fact, we undertake a number of quality improvement processes to help us to limit our carbon footprint and reduce our emissions.

Maintaining a safe working space for our skilled craftspeople is of paramount importance to us. We refuse to compromise on the integrity of our operation, and the potential impact of all efficiencies and their long-term sustainability must be carefully considered before being implemented.

Once certain that an improvement will have a positive impact, we then roll these out across our workforce. Recently, we took the strategic decision to replace all of our internal lights with low power LEDs, which has already resulted in a number of sizeable and significant efficiencies.

These LED lights are long-lasting, durable and capable of producing a large amount of light at a lower wattage, which means that we have now significantly reduced our energy consumption, without compromising on the quality of the lighting.

By reducing our emissions and proactively seeking out opportunities for improvement, we are continually demonstrating our commitment to helping to protect the world around us.

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