Alt - Supporting Our Distribution Network

Supporting Our Distribution Network

A key part in the success of our business is our distributors, understanding their significant role in bringing our products to the market.

Our dedicated Sales Manager is able to offer remote access to solve any issues and queries quickly and effectively. We listen to our distributors, gaining an understanding of their customer needs and help resolve any issues that may arise, such as in delivery or returns.

Manufacturing products that are of a high quality, our product range represents the latest and most innovative equipment currently on the market, abiding to the most recent standards and regulations. Alongside technical support, we can offer a bespoke service that enables customisation and adjustments to our product range to suit customer demands.

We also offer access to marketing and promotional material that can be shared directly to customers. This includes a catalogue, showcasing all of our product ranges, and a responsive website. Whilst we supply these materials, they can be personalised to individual business brands.

Distributors can also choose the access, storage and material handling equipment they wish to add to their range, allowing distributors to pick and choose what they wish to sell.

For more information regarding adding Redhill products to your range, please call 01527 529 002 or email