Alt - Severe winter weather alert across the UK

Severe winter weather alert across the UK

Watch out. Stormy weather is on the way. If you were thinking we’ve escaped the winter weather this year, especially in the Midlands or south of England, then think again. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for everywhere in the British Isles over the next ten days, as Storm Ciara looks set to pummel us with hail storms, blizzards, snow storms, high winds, potential power cuts and road closures.

What started as cold Arctic winds above Canada is expected to reach full force when it reaches the UK, with the threat of snow, sleet and ice even at low levels, and further bad weather continuing to hit Britain later in the month.

With such a bad forecast, we anticipate huge demand for winter products right across our range, and we’re issuing our own weather warning – ​be prepared, plan ahead and order now, while we still have full stocks of all items​.

All are manufactured to the highest safety levels, ensuring they deliver optimum performance when it’s most needed.

The Loadtek Salt Spreader features hardwearing, pneumatic wheels, ideal for rough ground, and an adjustable lever to control salt spreading speed and distance.

We also offer a heavy-duty snow plough fork lift truck attachment with a sweep angle of 15 degrees, which, conveniently, can be utilised as a yard scraper when not used for clearing snow.

Our push-along snow ploughs are hardwearing and robust, designed to remove snow quickly and easily. They include a pedestrian model in wide and narrow versions, with a bi-directional design, enabling driveways and sidewalks to be cleared in half the time of a conventional shovel.

There’s also a ‘V’ blade snow plough that minimises work by pushing instead of lifting and throwing and a heavy-duty push-along snow plough in a wheeled, trolley design, with a 6-position adjustable blade, ideal for larger areas.

All allow the user to maintain an upright walking position and use a pushing motion, minimising the effort required.

During times of severe weather, safety is paramount. So, don’t wait until the storm hits, put your order in now and keep your customers safe, while our full stock of winter products is still available.

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