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Redhill Working with BSI

BSI is the business standards company; they help organisations worldwide to make excellence a habit. They help show businesses how to improve performance, reduce risks and sustain growth. They work with 10,000 committee members who help to shape BSI’s codes and standards.

BSI was the nations first standards body in the world, and the first to develop a standard for quality, which is now known as ISO-9001. Using the standards can improve the quality of services, manage projects to deadlines, stay within budget and build successful relationships with other organisations.

You can improve your Business Performance within different areas including, Quality Management, ensuring services are running well, Product Certification, which checks the products you sell are safe and reliable, Customer Satisfaction, making sure you are giving your customers the best possible service, IT Management, ensuring your IT services are truly reliable and Project Management, making sure things get completed and to schedule.

Reducing Risks to your business by using standards prepares you in advance, so if any threat hits your business, you are prepared. You need to understand the risks you may face and act to mitigate them, you then become a tougher, more resilient business, meaning if a problem does arise; you are better equipped to survive the initial struggle. Making sure your information is secure, you have proper health and safety measures in place and you have business continuity are all excellent ways to reduce risks within your company.

Sustainability is very important and using standards can help you save, energy, money and the environment. BSI can help your business deliver environmental, economic and social benefits no matter the size, sector or location of your company. They will look to use fewer resources, cut waste, reduce energy costs and help you understand the impact on your local community.

BSI also Encourage Innovation and growth, standards can make such a difference to the success of a company, they set the framework for innovation by establishing the essentials and identifying the best outcome for you and your business. New standards are being developed constantly, as new businesses emerge and the quicker standards are in motion, the faster the growth is.

The award of the BSI Kitemark to Redhill Manufacturing for its range of mobile safety steps demonstrates a new benchmark for quality and reliability in this sector. These Standards have many customer benefits including: attracting new business in both the United Kingdom and Overseas, gaining competitive advantage, rigorous testing of products, assurance of the safety and sustainability of products and the brand-building effect of having an internationally-recognised symbol of quality and excellence on your products. Redhill plans to roll out more products for BSI Kitemark certification in the future and it is without doubt that working with BSI on the new step range has had a positive outcome for business as a whole.