Alt - Redhill supplies NHS with Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys

Redhill supplies NHS with Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys

As the Coronavirus crisis worsens, with growing fears about a lack of equipment and oxygen supplies to meet demand, Redhill is supporting the supply chain by manufacturing only items designated for the NHS.

Redhill’s first supply of Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys has just been delivered to St Thomas’ Hospital London, in response to the coronavirus crisis. Manufactured and powder coated at our Redditch-based factory, the units are assembled and despatched in just five days, helping to meet the urgent requirement for medical equipment.

The order was placed by distributor, Medical Engineering Systems Ltd, ( a specialist supplier of medical gas pipeline systems, who customised the trolleys with a black cylinder cover. As the COVID-19 outbreak intensified, the initial order for 20 trolleys soon quadrupled, with Redhill working as speedily as possible to meet demand.

Initially closed on Government advice, the Redditch-based factory reopened to meet the NHS demand, with staff volunteering to return to work, given the importance of the end-user.

This highlights the ability of British Manufacturing to react quickly to market conditions, producing items that comply with the highest quality and safety standards, along with the willingness of staff to play their part at a time of national crisis.

The Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys were manufactured, with turnaround from order to delivery in just five working days. Each is double-handled, with capacity for twelve Size D or E oxygen cylinders.

Our automated manufacturing process utilises lasers and press brakes to ensure a precision product finished to the highest standards of British workmanship.

Redhill’s factory remains open, with staff continuing to produce Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys for use in the NHS, while following distancing and hygiene protocol to remain safe. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all concerned for their help during these tough and challenging times.

If you require sheet metal items fabricated or laser profiled, such as Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys, for use in the battle against coronavirus, please call 01527 529 002 or email and we will do our best to see if we can help.