Alt - Redhill Launches European Websites

Redhill Launches European Websites

Redhill is now firmly on the map as a global supplier, with products being distributed to more than a dozen countries across the world. To support the company’s on-going expansion programme, particularly within Europe, Redhill has launched four new European websites.

The new websites have been launched in Sweden, France, Italy and the Netherlands, highlighting Redhill’s growing presence within these countries and in line with the company’s overseas business expansion programme.

With UK and global sales on the increase, Redhill is now working hard to meet demand from a growing list of countries. Across the Eurozone this includes Holland, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Cyprus, and Ireland; and further afield USA, India, Dubai, Oman and Nigeria.

As well as investing in new websites and technology, Redhill continues to invest in new and updated plant, machinery and premises, providing the capability and resources to service its growing global customer base. This on-going expansion programme has enabled Redhill to substantially increase production to meet demand, and further expansion is planned to facilitate even greater levels of volume production for the overseas market.

With UK export sales generally down due to the weakened Eurozone and a tough global economic backdrop, Redhill’s export success appears to buck the trend. As well as enjoying growing sales within Europe and the US, Redhill is also seeking new export markets within emerging and high-growth sectors across the globe.

Redhill attributes its overseas success to an unrivalled metal manufacturing capability that has seen it become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of access, storage and manual handling equipment, supplying products made to consistently high standards of quality, safety and reliability.