Alt - Redhill celebrates the Coronation of King Charles III

Redhill celebrates the Coronation of King Charles III

Like many people across the country, we’ll be celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III on Saturday 6th May and will be watching the historic event taking place in Westminster Abbey.

As the royal website declares: ‘The Coronation reflects the monarch’s role today and looks towards the future, while being rooted in long standing traditions’, sentiments that are very close to our hearts, here at Redhill, given the long traditions we uphold and our focus on the future.

As Monday 8th May is a Bank Holiday, Redhill will be closed for the day, enabling our staff to fully enjoy the Coronation celebrations and extended weekend as they wish.

Whilst we’re on the subject, we’d like to draw customers’ attention to the fact that Redhill will be closed on Monday 1st May, which is also a Bank Holiday, and again on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th May, which is the annual Spring Bank Holiday.

As our business will be closed on these dates, it may result in some small delays in processing orders, please be aware of these when quoting delivery times to your clients. However, please rest assured that we will work hard to make up the time and ensure all orders are fulfilled as speedily as possible.

As ever, we assure you of our best attention and aim to provide the highest levels of personal service.

We hope you enjoy the King’s Coronation, which we believe is the ultimate celebration of being British, a quality we firmly embrace, as our ‘Well Built in Britain’ range of products demonstrates. It only remains for us to say: Long live the King!