Alt - Positive Report for West Midlands Manufacturing Businesses

Positive Report for West Midlands Manufacturing Businesses

A new report published by the EEF highlights information that manufacturers in the West Midlands are leaders when it comes to being confident in business and exporting. The region scores 6.86 out of a possible ten points for confidence, making it number one out of nine regions.

UK manufacturing employs 2.6 million people and the EU is the biggest export market for manufacturers in every UK region with the West Midlands accounting for 40%.

The report explains regional export performance, which is a key factor behind business confidence. The West Midlands accounts for over 12% of the UK’s manufactured exports, meaning that one in every eight pounds earned from the UKs manufacturing exports is made in the West Midlands.

Lee Hopely, Chief Economist at EEF states, “This report lifts the lid on the depth of regional diversity and the breadth of opportunity that a strong UK manufacturing base offers for local growth.”

This is very positive news for manufacturers based in the West Midlands, including Redhill as the region is expected to see a growth in production following the next 12 months.

Richard Halstead, Midlands and East Region director at EEF says, “This report shows that West Midlands manufacturers are punching above their weight and putting our region on the map.”

This report reflects Redhill’s approach to investment, continually looking to grow and improve every aspect of the business from the design and research/development of our products to the infrastructure and manufacturing process.

To view the full EEF report, please click here.