Alt - Our Tube Laser is Up and Running!

Our Tube Laser is Up and Running!

After a long journey through Europe our brand new Nukon Tube Laser is fully functional and in action at Redhill HQ.

The NKT-125 is an incredibly adaptable laser cutting system designed to deliver precise results. It can effortlessly process tubes and pipes with a diameter of up to 180mm, as well as profiles and sections measuring up to 125mm x 125mm. The NKT-125 offers the option for automatic loading and unloading, and it can be configured with various power levels to suit the job.

You can see the new laser in action here:

Our strategic investments in state-of-the-art machinery represent a pivotal component of our vision and long-term strategy to revolutionise and elevate the infrastructure of Redhill.

We would like to thank Nukon for their excellent service in the creation and safe arrival of our brand new machine.