Alt - Our Long Nose Tube Benders Fully Operational

Our Long Nose Tube Benders Fully Operational

We’re delighted to announce that our new tube benders are now both in situ, fully operational, and working seamlessly.

It’s been a few weeks since the new machines arrived from Unison after strenuous factory acceptance testing to ensure they were ready to start work. One of the machines is used to bend the steel for our large steps and the other is used for smaller steps along with any other products that require bends but are a smaller size such as trucks and trolleys.

Being electric rather than hydraulic means the machines are a lot more accurate than before which equates to less scrap metal being produced. The machines work quicker and more efficiently which we estimate is increasing productivity by an estimated 20%.

You can see one of our new machines in action here:

Our investments in machinery are all part of our grand plan to transform our infrastructure making Redhill a centre of manufacturing excellence. The next machine installation will be our much anticipated tube laser so watch this space for more information in September!