Alt - New Powder Coating Facility Nearing Completion

New Powder Coating Facility Nearing Completion

The installation of our state-of-the-art powder coating facility is almost complete, marking another significant milestone in the company’s operational enhancement. Here’s the latest update:

Oven: The oven installation is now complete, with the final touches of fitting doors this week.
Booths: Both booths are fully assembled, with door fitting also scheduled for this week.

The next crucial step is the installation of the track, which is expected to commence next week. Anticipating a fully operational facility by the end of the first week of April, we’re poised for a transformative shift in its production dynamics.

Upon activation, the facility will operate with two coaters assigned to the day shift and one dedicated powder coater on the evening shift. Additionally, the night shift will see the inclusion of two extra assemblers, maximising productivity.

The implications of this new facility are profound. Using the services of the three current powder coating companies is causing significant downtime in our operations. Despite their invaluable support, they are finding it challenging to meet our increased demand along with their regular clientele. Eliminating the need to handle products twice, from loading uncoated items onto trucks to unloading coated ones upon return, as well as moving them in and out of production areas, will streamline our processes.

By enabling products to move directly from welding to the coating track and then promptly delivered to the assembly department, we will gain a substantial boost in efficiency and throughput.