Alt - New Distributors Wanted! Ready-made Business Opportunity inc. Half Price Website!

New Distributors Wanted! Ready-made Business Opportunity inc. Half Price Website!

Redhill’s products continue to sell, despite the pandemic and general economic downturn, which means that we have an opportunity for you to join our distributor network and start your own ‘Work Gear’ business.

As we don’t deal directly with the end user, our distributor network represents a vitally important means of bringing our products to market and we are always looking out for new distributors. Right now, until the end of the year we are offering new distributors an e-commerce website at more than 50% off!

We’ve invested heavily in supporting our distributor network, presenting you with a ready-made package to start your new business. Our Work Gear promotional platform comprises an e-commerce website, backed by a comprehensive catalogue, both of which will be personalised with your own identity.

This means you can rename the website and the catalogue with your desired name and promote them as heavily as you wish to your customers.

The Work Gear Website
All products are displayed on the website in an easily navigable format, enabling customers to purchase the item they require with the greatest of ease via the shopping cart. With the ever expanding number of digital devices in use, we have put significant effort into making the website fully responsive, ensuring each screen offers an optimum view of every product, with supporting information, including product detail, dimensions, weight product code and price. The result is a seamless browsing experience for your customers on whatever device they choose to use. It’s your website, so any payments go directly to you. Our team and digital partners will work with you to get the website set up and running, which can be done in just a few weeks.

Click here to see an example website.

Website Reduced to Less Than Half Price!
Normally priced at a fee of £3,500, we are offering the website package, for all orders agreed by 31.12.20, for a one-off payment of £1,500 +Vat.
Call us on 01527 529 002 for more details.

Once the website is live there is a small monthly charge of £50 per month to keep the website hosted and secure, this will be charged every month from January 2021 for as long as the website remains live. That’s it – no further costs.

Our full colour catalogue, available as a hard copy and/or online version, is updated every year to display the very latest product range, with full product details, images and prices. The catalogue can also be personalised with your logo and name – essentially becoming your own unique sales catalogue. You don’t have to take the catalogue, but our experience shows that distributors who do have their own branded version achieve greater volume of sales. The catalogue is printed annually, the next version is due in March 2021. For printing quantities and further details: call 01527 529 002 or email

Media Gallery
As a Work Gear distributor, we also give you free access to our web-based Media Gallery, which stores all our product photography, product sheets and catalogue pages that you can download and use for your own marketing and promotional purposes. As soon as you’re approved, we’ll give you a login. It’s as simple as that.

We are ready to support new distributors now! Call us on 01527 529 002 for more details and let’s see if we can start something together.

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