Alt - New Computer System Will Enhance Redhill’s Efficiency

New Computer System Will Enhance Redhill’s Efficiency

Redhill will be investing in a complete new computer system, designed to further enhance the efficiency of its manufacturing and sales operation, to the benefit of its customer base.

Our new computer system is a complete software solution for the manufacturing industry that successfully integrates sales, manufacturing, engineering and accounting functions to ensure maximum efficiency.

One of the leading software tools in its class, developed specifically for sheet metal fabricators, precision engineers and manufacturers, the new computer system will give Redhill greater access to structured information and includes many advanced features, including Cost Control, Scheduling, Reporting, Quoting, Job Costing, Inventory Control, Works Orders, Shop Floor Data Capture and Real Time Tracking.

In terms of customer benefits, the new system will enable Redhill to offer a far greater degree of speed and accuracy, enabling not only the sales function to operate more smoothly and efficiently with faster sales order processing, shipping and invoicing; but allowing more speedy, accurate response in such areas as quoting, costing, reporting and stock control. The new system will also facilitate better control of works orders, scheduling and design, ensuring greater efficiency in the manufacturing function.

The new computer system forms part of Redhill Manufacturing’s ongoing investment programme, designed to increase output and efficiency to unprecedented new levels. It goes without saying that, thanks to the new computer system, customers will experience a marked level of improvement in Redhill’s already highly efficient and flexible customer service.