Alt - Nano Wrapping efficiency!

Nano Wrapping efficiency!

Redhill is all about efficiency, quality and availability, ensuring we meet the ongoing needs of our distributors speedily and cost-effectively.

To ensure fast despatch, we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art, automated Robopac Nano Pallet Wrapper that has significantly increased our packing efficiency.

Utilising a special nano film that can be stretched to higher tensions than a standard pallet wrapping machine, it produces a better quality wrap to pallet, making packing easier and quicker, with less waste.

Coupled with a newly sourced ‘U’ shape foam protectors and micro foam rolls, it enhances product protection during transit, reducing possibility of damage. The machine also provides real time data, enabling performance and expenditure to be closely monitored.

To see all our advanced technology in action, why not take the Redhill Factory Tour? All distributors invited! To arrange, please call 01527 529002.