Alt - Nano Pallet Wrapper Increases Redhill’s Packing Efficiency

Nano Pallet Wrapper Increases Redhill’s Packing Efficiency

Redhill Manufacturing’s investment in a state-of-the-art nano pallet wrapping machine has significantly increased packing efficiency, greatly reducing waste and ensuring products are better protected during transit.

The Samson Nano Pallet Wrapper, installed earlier this year, embraces innovative technology to achieve new levels of efficiency, utilising a special nano film that can be stretched to higher tensions than a standard pallet wrapping machine. This produces a better quality wrap to pallet, making the final packing process quicker and easier, with less waste. Coupled with newly sourced ‘U’ shape foam protectors and micro foam rolls, it enhances product protection during transit, reducing the possibility of damage.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Andy Colley, explains how it works: “Once the products have been protected with micro foam and band-ties, stretch wrap is attached to the bottom of the pallet. It’s then simply a matter of pressing a button and letting the machine do the rest. The product is wrapped automatically, enabling the operative to move on to the next job.”

Redhill also uses the nano wrapper to produce a better, more attractive wrapped finish for larger, loose cabinets. Coupled with protective cardboard corners and base, it makes the product easier to handle and allows the despatch manager to see the colour combination of the cabinet.

As well as improving packing efficiency, the machine also provides real time data, enabling performance and expenditure to be precisely monitored. As it operates, the machine sends signals to the supplier, Samuel Grant, providing key information, such as the number of pallets wrapped and any breaks during wrapping, and automatically re-ordering stretch wrap.

Committed to an on-going expansion programme, Redhill continues to invest in new plant, processes and equipment, enhancing efficiency, safety and reliability and ensuring clients across the globe benefit from the company’s unrivalled metal manufacturing capability. To find out more about Redhill’s product range, please click here to contact us.