Alt - Meet the Redhill Elves!

Meet the Redhill Elves!

Meet the real-life elves behind the scenes!

Name: Elf Sam Colley
Position: Director
Who’s going on the naughty list this year? It has to be Elf Ross, he has no idea how to make a decent cup of tea

Name: Elf Carly
Position: Customer Service Representative
What kick starts your holiday spirit? Christmas music! Heart Christmas goes on in November!
Best Christmas song? Last Christmas
Worst Christmas song? Mariah!

Name: Elf Andy
Position: Director
Christmas PJ sets yes or no? Yes when Elf Sam is in earshot

Name: Elf Ross
Position: Director
Best Christmas present? Mongoose BMX 1983
Best Christmas song? Last Christmas

Name: Elf Sophie
Position: Christmas Coordinator
Who’s going on the naughty list this year? Elf Sam for having unreasonable tea habits

Name: Elf Scott
Position: Team Leader
Yorkshire puddings on a Christmas dinner? Absolutely! They go on anything!

Name: Elf Will
Position: Apprentice – big step prep team
Who’s going on the nice list this year? Sophie for organising the Christmas party!

Name: Tyler and Brad
Position: Welders
Worst Christmas Joke: Why did Santa clause go to the doctors? Cause he had bad elf
It wouldn’t be Christmas without: Family of course!


The team have mostly been good this year working hard in the workshop!

Thanks for your time answering the questions at the busiest time of year for any Elf.