Alt - Lead time update: Popular products despatched within 2 weeks

Lead time update: Popular products despatched within 2 weeks

We are pleased to announce that we’ve reduced the lead time on many of our most popular products to just two weeks. This means they’ll be despatched within two weeks of placing the order, an achievement that seemed impossible just a few months ago.

This vastly improved lead time is proof of just how far Redhill has come in a short space of time, with our new factory premises and investment in the latest equipment enabling us to deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Everything is now geared to keeping lead times to a minimum, while delivering the highest levels of quality and durability, ensuring Redhill once again assumes the top position at the forefront of metal manufacture.

The following products are now available for despatch within 2 weeks of order:

ST81, ST82, ST83, ST84
SC200, SC201, SC203, SC204
SC204, SC205, SC206, SC207, SC208, SC209
SC204SS, SC205SS, SC206SS, SC207SS, SC208SS, SC209SS
SC210, SC211, SC212, SC213
SC210SS, SC211SS, SC212SS, SC213SS
SC220, SC221, SC222
SC223, SC224, SC225, SC226, SC227, SC228, SC229
SC230, SC231, SC232, SC233, SC234, SC235, SC236
TT70, TT71, TT70W, TT71W
S005, S009, S011, S013
S006, S010, S012, S014
TC600, TC601P, TC602P, TC603P, TC604P
TC601M, TC602M, TC603M, TC604M
TC700, TC701P, TC702P, TC703P, TC704P
TC701M, TC702M, TC703M, TC704M
TC800, TC801P, TC802P, TC803P, TC804P
TC801M, TC802M, TC803M, TC804M
TC900, TC901P, TC902P, TC903P, TC904P
TC901M, TC902M, TC903M, TC904M
TT34, TT35
TT60, TT61, TT62, TT63, TT64, TT65, TT66, TT67, TT72, TT73, TT76, TT77
TT205T, TT200T, TT230T, TT210T, TT240T, TT220T
TT205S, TT200S, TT230S, TT210S, TT240S, TT220S

We look forward to receiving your orders and despatching your products to you rapidly