Alt - Enough snow ploughs to clear the North Pole…

Enough snow ploughs to clear the North Pole…

With sales of snow ploughs up 500% in 2018 compared to 2017, Redhill Manufacturing has sold nearly enough to clear the North Pole.

The analogy may be a bit of fun, but the figures are serious. A spell of bad weather earlier this year, known as the Beast from the East, and a potentially bad forecast for this winter, have combined to push up sales to record numbers for 2018.

Three types of hand pushed snow plough are available, including a pedestrian model in wide and narrow versions, with a bi-directional design, enabling driveways and sidewalks to be cleared in half the time of a conventional shovel. Also available is a heavy-duty push-along snow plough in a wheeled, trolley design, with a 6-position adjustable blade, ideal for larger areas. All allow the user to maintain an upright walking position and use a pushing motion, minimising the effort required.

A heavy-duty snow plough fork lift truck attachment with a sweep angle of 15 degrees is also offered, which, conveniently, can also be utilised as a yard scraper when not used for clearing snow.

An added incentive of 5% throughout December, January & February off all winter products is proving popular, and all models are available with 5-day delivery.

On-going investment in plant, machinery and premises ensures that production always meets demand, proving that Redhill not only has the capability and expertise, but is also poles apart when it comes to manufacturing snow ploughs.

Please call 01527 529 002 or email for your 5% discount and to add these products to your range.