Alt - Doing our bit to keep the economy going

Doing our bit to keep the economy going

The UK has been going through a tough time during lockdown, with manufacturing brought to a near standstill. Throughout, Redhill has been determined to make a difference and, working within recommended Government guidelines, has continued to provide vital supplies for the NHS, along with much needed sanitiser units to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

Initially closed on Government advice and the workforce furloughed in the early days of lockdown, our Redditch-based factory partially reopened at the end of March to meet NHS demand, with staff volunteering to return to work given the importance of the end-user.

With cases of coronavirus continuing to rise and the NHS running out of supplies, we put our manufacturing capability to good use, producing a range of medical equipment, including oxygen cylinder storage and handling units. Our first supply of oxygen cylinder trolleys was delivered to St Thomas’s Hospital, London, at the beginning of April, with manufacture, assembly and despatch completed in just five days.

Following this, we received numerous orders from NHS hospitals and stepped up manufacturing to meet the ever-growing demand, producing high stock levels of large oxygen cylinder trolleys for NHS use only. Committed to supporting medical facilities struggling to meet demand and with gas suppliers asked to quadruple their production of oxygen cylinders, we further increased production of essential equipment to meet demand.

Our manufacturing process utilises lasers and press braking for precision accuracy and speed, enabling us to rapidly build up and maintain stock levels, ensuring trolleys were available for immediate despatch across England and Wales.

As lockdown eased and businesses opened up, required to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, there was a further demand for sanitiser products, and we were quick to respond. Our range of anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Units provides an ideal solution, placed at entrances and strategic locations within premises, encouraging hand sanitation by visitors and staff alike. We have developed a range of options to suit every requirement, including a selection of floor standing dispensers and wall-mounted units.

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At all times throughout and after lockdown, safety has been of paramount importance, and we have worked hard to ensure our factory is a safe environment for our staff, with extra measures in place for hygiene and cleanliness.

We believe the medical crisis that occurred during lockdown highlights the adaptability and ‘can do’ attitude of British manufacturing to rise to the occasion and react to market conditions, producing items that comply with the highest quality and safety standards, and are pleased we have been able to do our bit and help keep the economy going at a time of national need.