Alt - Commitment to quality, the gold standard by which we run our business

Commitment to quality, the gold standard by which we run our business

A Quality Policy for many is a brief statement that tends to be hidden away in a footer of a website. For us though, it’s the standard by which we run our business and governs every area of activity, from design and manufacture through to despatch, accounting and after sales support.

It’s not a meaningless document; it is signed by our MD Andy Colley and aligns our purpose and direction, highlighting a framework for our quality objectives and includes a commitment to meet all necessary requirements with continual improvement.

That may just sound like words, but for Redhill it’s a living and real commitment on the part of every member of staff, to implement the highest quality standards in everything we do.

In real terms, it means we listen to our customers, continually review our processes and strive to achieve a number of key objectives:

1. Satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015

2. Focus on customer requirements

3. Maintain an infrastructure capable of supporting all our company activities

4. Identify scope for improvement and implement effective solutions

5. Satisfy current statutory and legal requirements in accordance with our products and service.

In plain speak, this means we apply the same commitment to quality to every level of our business, whether we are dealing with products, processes or people, assuring our customers of complete reliability, integrity and accountability.

That’s how we’ve built our business and that’s how we’ll continue to set the highest industry standards.

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