Alt - Overseas supply chain difficulties lead to demand for British manufacturers. 
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Overseas supply chain difficulties lead to demand for British manufacturers. 
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The overseas supply chain continues to experience huge pressures, with the main East West trade line particularly badly impacted. With an increased demand to ship goods, due to Covid restocking and Brexit stock piling, most carriers have deployed additional capacity, but this has led to infrastructure challenges in many ports.

Port congestion allied with reduced resources, due to Covid safety restrictions, has resulted in slower turnaround, long wait times and a backlog of vessels waiting to be discharged, resulting in massive delays. With much needed empty equipment not returning to origin fast enough and haulage availability a major issue, demand is outstripping supply and schedule reliability is suffering badly. As a result, importers are finding it expensive and difficult to secure space with shipping lines from the Far East.

Alternatives such as air, sea air and rail options are available at a cost, but the overall situation is deteriorating, with huge flexibility required from customers, forwarders and ocean carriers.

Buy British

The situation has prompted a resurgence of interest in British manufacturers, who are able to supply the required goods without incurring the difficulties of the distressed sea freight market conditions. British manufacturing has always shown innovation and resilience, and the current overseas supply chain difficulties are presenting British manufacturers with a huge opportunity.

Redhill’s extensive portfolio of British-made access, handling and storage equipment includes over 3,000 standard products, all designed, manufactured and assembled at our purpose-built factory in Redditch.

Drawing on a manufacturing capability that spans 40 years, we combine a team of skilled experts, passionate about their craft, with the latest innovations in technology, such as a state-of-the-art laser cutter, robotic arm, powder coating facility and CAD, enabling us to design, create and construct products at the forefront of British safety, quality and durability standards.

Thanks to investment in new warehousing facilities, we now have extensive storage capacity for finished stock, ensuring it is available for immediate despatch, enabling us to provide a ‘next day’ or ‘soon as’ delivery policy on the majority of our products

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For any distributors not currently using British manufactures to meet their access, handling and storage equipment requirements, now is the time to rethink their fulfilment and buying policies, get in touch with Redhill Manufacturing and discuss price.

We have the goods, we offer the quality and we can deliver immediately, with no delays, no waiting, no additional costs. For further information, please call 01527 529 002 or email