Alt - BBC Hereford and Worcester’s James Pearson Speaks to Redhill

BBC Hereford and Worcester’s James Pearson Speaks to Redhill

In an insightful visit to Redditch, BBC Hereford and Worcester’s James Pearson met with Director Sam Colley and key members of the Redhill Manufacturing team to discuss the significant recovery efforts following the devastating fire in 2022 and asks; what are businesses like Redhill looking for from the government post election?

The visit highlighted the resilience of the local manufacturing sector and the critical support needed from future government policies to bolster British manufacturing.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

Beyond discussing the past, the conversation with James Pearson also turned to the future of British manufacturing. Sam Colley and the team emphasised the need for robust support from the next general election, particularly in creating more opportunities for young people through apprenticeships.

James Pearson’s visit underscored the critical importance of these initiatives, not just for Redhill Manufacturing, but for the entire British manufacturing landscape. As the country looks ahead to the next general election, the voices of local businesses like Redhill are crucial in shaping policies that will sustain and enhance the sector’s growth.

The recovery of Redhill Manufacturing stands as a testament to the resilience of the community and the broader manufacturing industry. The message was clear: with continued support and strategic investments, British manufacturing can not only recover but thrive, securing a prosperous future for generations to come.

The BBC has also conducted an extensive round-up article that delves into the insightful interviews with the Redhill team.

We would like to thank the BBC in highlighting the Redhill team’s journey, the factors contributing to the success, and our first hand views on how the manufacturing sector can grow. Read the article by clicking here.