Alt - Announcing the arrival of our new Nukon Fibre Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Announcing the arrival of our new Nukon Fibre Tube Laser Cutting Machine

We are very excited to announce the imminent arrival of our new Nukon Fibre Tube Laser Cutting Machine, which is one of the best pieces of equipment on the market and will take our exceptional manufacturing capabilities to an even higher level.

The new Nukon tube laser has been manufactured to our particular specifications at the Nukon factory in Istanbul, where directors, Andy and Sam Colley visited earlier in the year – prior to the arrival of our Nukon sheet fibre laser machine last December.

Nukon’s products have a reputation for utilising industry-leading laser cutting technology and the new Nukon Tube Laser, which is due to be delivered in August and be in full production early September, will significantly speed up production, delivering new levels of efficiency, speed and accuracy.

To get down to the detail, the new machine will enable us to cut, mitre and chamfer the tube/box section from lengths of up to 7.6, and will also cut holes in the tube/box section, which means no more drilling and reducing the demand on our saws in the factory. In addition, it’s equipped with a bundle loader capable of automatic loading, which means less manual handling and lights out operation, if required.

Our CAD engineer, Steve Durber, is busy completing the CAD drawings and initial programming of the new machine and parts. Once it’s been installed on the factory floor, our team of shop floor operatives will take care of its day-to-day running and part selections.

We will then be looking forward to the return of our innovative in-house powder coating plant, which is due for December 2023 installation. This will be the final piece of the jigsaw, further transforming our manufacturing capability and fulfilling our vision to make Redhill a centre of manufacturing excellence.

2023 marks a major milestone in Redhill’s journey, with new state-of-the-art equipment setting us on a new course and enabling us to deliver our ‘Well Built In Britain’ product range, to an even wider global market and further enhance levels of service to our distributor base.

We’re hugely excited about our final phase of our development, which marks the culmination of a dream, giving us the infrastructure and manufacturing capability to reach new heights and embrace a very bright future.