Alt - An Extensive Range of Loading Platform Trucks

An Extensive Range of Loading Platform Trucks

At Redhill, we have a range of loading trucks to suit all. We insist that all of our trucks are built to last starting with their strong, robust construction and durable swivel, rubber tyres. Their British Made certification means you can rely on our trucks.

Our collection includes:

Junior Low Loads Trucks

A useful, standard truck with strong welded tubular construction. For convenience, you may remove the timber deck and fold down the handle. Ideal for a home workshop, stores, offices and for moving goods in confined, narrow spaces.

Side Frame Trucks

These trucks are designed for all-round load retention. Their durable nature removable ply timber side-frames makes these a reliable choice, making sure your goods are transported safely.

500 Series

These trucks consist of a large platform, made from a substantial timber deck and an all-steel welded frame. You can choose from a platform only, a single end or a double end truck. This series comes with the choice of mesh panels or timber panels, each with 3 deck size options. Perfect for transporting large or bulky items.

Long Goods Platform Truck

With a strong, steel frame and a generously sized timber deck you will have no problem transporting long goo, such as pipes, carpet rolls, wooden planks and more. You can decide whether you would like timber or metal-frame sides.

250 Series

If the Junior truck range is too small for you, choose this larger option, with three deck sizes and mesh or timber removable panels. These trucks are highly manoeuvrable and have Diamond Balance Wheels to assist the ease of movement.

TC900 Series

A truck designed for every use in mind. With a smaller deck size, these trucks are perfect for transporting smaller, perhaps fragile goods. You have the choice of timber or zinc plated sides and ends. All end panels are removable, giving you a bespoke style for any need.

Stainless Steel

304 Grade Stainless Steel platform trucks, ideal for the food and drink industry. These trucks have fixed mesh ends and removable mesh sides.

Colour Range

Our coloured platform trucks are ideal for transporting goods in categories, or perhaps in educational settings. These trucks have a high-quality powder coated deck, ensuring their colour lasts, with bright zinc plated fixed mesh ends and removable sides.

Series 700 Bright Zinc Plated

A comprehensive range of bright zinc plated platform trucks, with the option of a basic platform to adding 4 mesh sides. You can choose between three deck sizes. Ideal for DIY stores, warehouses, construction or decorating.

Whatever your need, Redhill have a platform loading truck for you. Our extensive choice of options makes your truck flexible to your needs. Click here to see our full range from p.44 in our online catalogue.