Alt - A Flexible Approach to Our Customers’ Needs

A Flexible Approach to Our Customers’ Needs

Redhill have designed hundreds of products with many variations that are manufactured in the factory every day. However, regardless of how many products that are already on offer, there are always orders with special requirements.

Whether a customer requires a slight adaptation to a product listed in the catalogue or a completely new design, Redhill are well versed in meeting unique requirements. From initial concept and design through to manufacturing and build, our team can deliver new workplace products on specification, within budget, on batch or on a one-off basis.

Whether you need extra rungs on steps, more shelves or drawers in a cabinet, or different dimensions for a workbench, Redhill are equipped to flex to your needs.

For further information or to discuss a potential requirement, contact us on 01527 529 002 or email