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Work Gear provides a brand new sales platform across the UK to promote products.

Manufacturer Benefits

As more distributors sign up to the Work Gear platform, and the number of e-commerce websites increases, so the sales will grow, enabling products to reach an unprecedented amount of potential new customers.

The new e-commerce website enables the launch of seasonal offers on specific products, maximizing sales potential easily and effectively.

The website is supported by a full colour catalogue, personalised for each distributor, further promoting the manufacturers products. 

With products advertised on both the Work Gear website and catalogue, both fully managed by Redhill Manufacturing to ensure consistency, quality and security, manufacturers can be sure of the highest possible exposure, substantially boosting sales and maximising profits.

Redhill are offering excellent value and cost-effective advertising opportunities for manufacturers wishing to promote suitable products across the Work Gear network.

Distributor Benefits 

Work Gear provides distributors with a fully populated, managed, secure e-commerce website and catalogue, branded and personalised with company details and logo. 

The website is regularly updated via a master product database, which is managed by Redhill Manufacturing, in addition distributors will have the option to change certain areas and add relevant details, such as seasonal offers, latest news and company information.

For transparency and consistent pricing across the Work Gear network, all prices will be common to every distributor. However, there is an option for distributors to use discount codes, these can be promoted to customers, so when a customer goes to checkout they can insert the discount code and the relevant discount is applied.

This industry-leading website solution and catalogue ensures the complete product range is displayed to maximum advantage.

Redhill are offering excellent value and cost-effective solutions for distributors wishing to become part of the sales network.

To find out more please click the link below to visit the Work Gear HQ website: Work Gear Website.

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