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A range of portable and general purpose, lifting and loading products.

Ezilift products are renowned for easy operation, reliability and strength. The range consists of quality, highly-manoeuvrable products, designed for all aspects of lifting and loading.

  • 01

    Portable Loader

    A solid steel frame and cast iron legs, useful where space and access is limited.

  • 02

    General Purpose Lifters

    Sturdy and stable for a multitude of uses. Accessory option for bespoke needs.

  • 03

    Midi Winch Lifters

    Lift, move and drop capability up to 250kg. Useful where extra height on the lift is required.

  • 04

    Universal Lifter

    A versatile lifter, where accessories can expand its use significantly.

  • 05

    Safety Features

    Total stop brakes, protective hand grips, guards and a self sustaining gearbox all add to the overall safety of the product range.

  • 06

    Instruction Guides

    General use, maximum load labels or plates, load centres, data sheets, plus test certificate and declaration of conformity all supplied.

  • a winch lifter for warehouses



Simple to operate, reliable and strong; Ezilift helps to lift and load in tight spaces.

The Ezilift portable load shifting range is ideal where operating space is at a premium, or access is difficult. The entire range is highly manoeuvrable, allowing you to shift loads that are too heavy to carry by hand, with ease and safety.

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Offering the only range of BSI Kitemarked Mobile Steps currently available.